Viking Ships and Weaponary

The Vikings had a highly advanced ship technology which enabled them to explore the world. The Vikings were able to reach places as far as the Mediterranean coast and Asia. The Vikings first attack was recorded in 793 in England. It is evident that the Vikings’ mastery of shipbuilding and navigation was essential to their success as invaders and traders. The Vikings’ ship would ultimately become the foundation of their power. There were 2 main types of Viking ships:



The reason as to why the Vikings raided and pillaged other countries is met with a variety of different perspectives. It is believed that trade slowed down for the Vikings around the 790s thus the Vikings turned to piracy to maintain their wealth. Other theories bring forth the idea that the Viking population was growing too quickly hence the Vikings decided to expand their territories. However it is also thought that perhaps Viking trade was actually increasing too rapidly and the Vikings needed colonies to keep up their trade. Another theory suggests that due to the difficult winters that the Vikings were constantly faced with, crops were hard to grow consequently resulting in the Vikings raiding other countries to provide for their families.

source b.pngsource c.png

Activities to be completed on your own individual sheets:
1. Refer to Source A and label the image of the longboat with the correct feature and purpose.
2. Read Sources B and C. Which source do you think is the most reliable? Provide reasons for your answer.
3. List the possible explanations regarding why Viking expansion occurred. Once completed, discuss with the person next to you what you believe caused the Vikings to expand. Is there one correct answer or is there perhaps a combination of factors?

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