As a group we all decided together on choosing the Vikings as our depth study. As a group we selected the outcomes that were relevant to our topic and decided the activities and resources that we would create.

Ezgi Cakir: My role in this assignment included researching information about the Viking contact and trade. This entailed creating a variety of resources and activities for Week 4.

Samara Alali: Part of my role in this assignment included researching information and creating resources for Week 5. This covered creating multiple resources regarding Viking ships and weapons.
Joseph Conducto: Within the assignment, I, Joseph Conducto, worked on the activities regarding the Geography and Social Aspect of the Vikings, the 100-200 word context of the assignment and the Marking Criteria of the Assessment Task, which is an exam on the content covered in the depth study.

Mike Caruso: My role in this task included the activities and resources regarding Viking Religion and Gods, the wikispace entries and creation and contribution towards the Assessment task, which is an examination upon all content in the Viking depth study.

Assignment plan:


Downloadable here:


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